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This journal is Friends Only. Don't be scared off by Mr Reedus though, as it's hard to find him smiling in a photo...or smirking as the case may be. I do occasionally make public posts, but it's just chatter. Feel free to friend me to chat about TV, movies or my everyday comings and goings, or just leave a comment. :) BTW If I could find which comm I took those header pics from, I would gladly credit the right person, if you know who they belong to please let me know.

The Conspirator - Reedus Screen Caps

I just watched The Conspirator the other night. I'd wanted to see it even before I knew Reedus was in it, he was just a bonus. :) Lots of good folks in this movie: James McAvoy, Robin Wright, Justin Long. I've read reviews that it's very close to the actual history and others that say it's completely off. Either way it was a piece of history that I wasn't familiar with and enjoyed watching. Pretty much through the whole movie I was wondering what happened to Aiken after the trial. I was not disappointed when the epilogue showed that he left practicing law and started The Washington Post. Anyway, good movie, I recommend it.

And since I am all about the Reedus lately, some screen caps.

25 Unedited fullsize caps here at my photobucket.

Updating and such

Yes, I've been dusting the cobwebs off the account. A spiffy new theme, updated links, a loverly new header I threw together - if I could find which comm I took those pics from, I would gladly credit the right person, if you know who they belong to please let me know - and a cute new FO banner I also made, that just makes me giggle because it's so (in)appropriate. In the na na na boo boo kinda way. LOL

And now I'm off to wrap some last minute prezzies, that'll be unwrapped tomorrow...

What brings you back...

I can hardly believe it's been almost a year two years - exactly - since the last time I posted. Consumed by facebook and twitter and non-chatty non-fandom type things, I guess. And as I've recently realized, it's been a very long non-creative streak as well. Not really creating anything, of any kind, in any medium. That's kind of sad. I realized I missed it. A lot. And ya know when you let those creative muscles atrophy, it's really hard to start moving them again. I sat down last week to make a desktop background... I made three, I think... and they were all. utter. crap. LOL And facebook is not conducive to that kinda stuff either. I imagine that tumblr would be better, but I've never really gotten into it.

And then with the first half of The Walking Dead finished - then getting Savvy and her friends addicted to it - I didn't really have anyone else to share the love and fandom thing with. Then I really missed LJ. LOL You know what I mean, fandom in any other forum is just not the same! So I come back... trolling TWD and Dixon/Reedus comms to get my fandom fix. Sigh... I missed you LJ. :)


My brain is way to susceptible to things lately. Last week - after reading the nano forums where everybody says something about adding zombies to their stories for word count - I dreamt about zombies 3 different nights. Then the last couple of days I've been watching the original V miniseries and last night I dreamt about lizard aliens.


...maybe I need to watch some porn. =D
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nano - interesting SF link

Tonight my goal was to work on what I thought was going to be some technofu plot holes. Cruising the nano forums I found the link to technovelgy. OMG it made my head explode with ideas for the now non-issues. LOL Links from past SF fiction tech to current news articles about what does actually exist now. Scary stuff. So my thoughts of surveillance and memory wipes without actual contact, from even a great distance. Not impossible. Yah?
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nano names

I've been futzing around for literally hours trying to put together some names for my nano. I've had the male name settled - or fairly settled - for awhile, it's just the female name that I couldn't feel right about. I take the dogs out for their mid night romp and all these names float through my head and one finally hit me that I liked and it works with the other. Yah! Just wish it hadn't taken so long. lol

So right now my working names are Tristan and Zoe. The only thing bugging me about Tristan is - wasn't there a movie/tv show/book recently with that name? I know Tristan and Isolde(also the reason I didn't choose Ivy for the female), but wasn't there something else? hmmmm

I was going through my name list and had to mark out three that I really liked because of stupid Twilight. No Jacob, Jasper or Arabella. I think Jasper may have been a contender last year, glad that didn't work out. ha. Still love that name though.
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nano funny

The story for my nano is the story I was gonna do last year. It's based on a very vivid dream. The main male character as in my dream is a real life character type actor - you've probably seen him in a  movie or a TV show. If I said his name you probably wouldn't know his face without googling it. I had to imdb his movie just to get his name. Anyway...

I was gathering photos so I had some inspiration for writing... all my characters not just him. And I stumbled onto his twitter... and then his ebay page. LMAO  Do you know how funny I found it that he has an ebay page? Probably the funniest thing all week. 8-D I know many writers hock their older/special edition/limited printings and such. But I don't think I've ever seen an actor... with his photo, actually claiming it. I'm so amused and rather endeared as I am such an ebay whore.